Making your TV becoming Tablet!
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Product Objective

Before, people will use projector for their presentation in conference room. However, people will need to switch off the light, take long time to setup, a lot of cabling and etc.

Nowadays, people will install a TV in their conference for presentation. No need to switch off the light and less cabling. However, it will still take some time to setup, no sound from TV because VGA only provide video, cabling is still from the PC, to the wall, to the PC such that a cabinet is need to contain the PC.

DigiTouch provide All-In-One solution with a multiple add-on features but much lower cost than a All-In-One PC so that we pay less but gain more!

There are many applications that will benefit from DigiTouch solution:

 - Support video and Audio by HDMI
 - Support multi-touch function
 - Support draw and highlight on slides
 - Interactive presentation

 - Direct input meeting minute by mouse and keyboard or air mouse
 - Instant meeting minute through Cloud base apps

 - Support writing and drawing by finger
 - Support multi-touch control
 - Support drawing tools

Project Concept:

Comparison with existing presentation styles (using Projector and TV):



Imagine you are presenting a ppt but you don't need to stay near your computer and keep far away from the TV screen. You can just stand near by the TV and touch it to control the slide just like a tablet! This interactive control enable you to draw audience's attention and also make them more comfortable to have eye contact with you!

On the other hand, the multi-touch function allow you to zoom in and out of the ppt image to make your presentation more clear and interactive. It is not only for presentation. This function can support all other apps and browser for existing webpage.



With DigiTouch you can use your finger to write and draw whatever you want in your existing TV in your conference room. Then your TV can become a digital white with unlimited page for writing and drawing.


With the Cloud based document system, your drawing or notes can be saved and colleagues or students can get from the cloud server immediately.


With the plug and play camera to our DigiTouch Computer or DigiTouch Stick, the video conference will be available in your conference room for multiple members to connect to other people around the world.  

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