Making your TV becoming Tablet!
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Demonstration Video
Interactive Presentation
PC Replacement Application
Digital Whiteboard
DigiTouch enables a very user friendly and interactive control for presentation. Your presentation will then be added more value and draw more attention from the audience. DigiTouch Computer can be installed for many different devices such as projector, TV, PC screen for the presentation and many other applications such as library, Internet cafe, shopping mall, education, and etc. This video demonstrates one of the powerful feature of the DigiTouch which is the digital whiteboard. This feature allows user to write and draw on the TV screen by their fingers.
Cloud Base Documentation Video Conference Wireless Printing
This video is to show how to use the DigiTouch and it's software apps for the instant meeting minute documentation based on Cloud Server service. Video conference is always essential for business. DigiTouch allows you to make video conference with your team in your Conference Room making use of different Android meeting apps. Not only documentation and digital white board function, DigiTouch enable the wireless printing so that all the documents and drawing that you made can be directly print to your WiFi printer right away.

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